What is Cardano foodies?

Cardano Foodies is a community of people interested in many cool topics such as crypto, art, design, blockchain, cardano, NFTs and of course… food!

Cardano Foodies is also a community driven evolving NFT ecosystem. Each member will have the possibility to vote and decide different aspects of it like the roadmap, hybrid process, new releases, new traits and much more.

If you are a creator, crypto or NFT investor, collector, developer or foodie you should consider joining us. After all… it is free!

Giveaways, sneak peeks, contests, tutorials and much more are waiting for you!



Our first release!

Nigiri is a collection of 5,555 randomly generated and unique art pieces carefully designed.
It is just the first of the four releases planned inside the Cardano Foodie ecosystem.

They have different traits and colored Karate belts
(I guess they are there for a reason?).

Only 5555🍣 NFTs:

•5000 NFTs
With different traits and colored Nori belts.

•500 NFTs
With different traits and without belt.

•50 NFTs
Rare. Monsters.

•5 NFTs
Very rare. Movie stars.

Pre-sale was on DEC 1st

Public Sale#1 was on January 25th 2022.

Public Sale#2 was on Sunday, March 13th 2022.



Evolvable NFTs,
Evolving collection.

White Paper

Each release will have the possibility to combine with the adjacent ones (previous and next one) to form Hybrids: Hybrids can not be bought.

The combination of Originals to form Hybrids will adhere to certain rules based on their traits: can you early guess the rules?

The NFT collection will evolve as the community decides to burn the Originals to create Hybrids. As time goes on it is expected few Originals will be left and more difficult to create new Hybrids. Ever heard about offer and demand?

Rarer traits will have precedence over the common ones, so the Hybrids will inherit them: be wise when combining!

Hybrids of Hybrids?
Yes, the scarcity will reach another level with this Hybrid inception scheme.
Burn 2 weird hybrids, get one super weird second level Hybrid.
Who will get first Le Foodie Supreme?

Have you ever imagined what comes out of the combination of a Nigiri and a… (burrito/burger/ramen)? Join us and discover it!


Our Community

Community is always first!

Each member of the community will have the possibility to decide the roadmap and future of the ecosystem together with the topics of the channels on the Discord server. These decisions will be taken using polls and voting rights.

Exclusive privileges to NFT hodlers will be implemented on Discord as soon as the first release is sold out. Go to FAQ section if you want to know more.

We’ll also have raffles, challenges, exclusive giveaways, contests, games, easter eggs, and much more coming up! Everything for our community!

Foodies, you’re so important to us,
and we are building this for you!
Come join us on Discord .


The Cardano Foodies Chefs

Mr Chef

Idea generator, blockchain developer, and burger eating expert. Interests: blockchain, software development, crypto investments, NFTs… and food!

Ms Chef

Artist, social network expert, chocolate addict, and sunset lover. Interests: graphic design, art, cooking, traveling, fashion… and food!

Sous Chef

Data enthusiast, Marketing lover, and mortadella tester. Interests: data, UX, traveling, art, animal lover, design… and food!

Do you want to know
more about the project?

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You can find more info on the FAQ page.